Summer Internship Placement

Chrysalis – The summer internship training and placement program

Roots aim to bridge the gap between Corporate and College to make a better future Entrepreneur or a top level executive.

Roots believe that success is a combination of five elements. To be successful, one needs to continuously expand one’s knowledge, create strong attitudes, develop new skills, form good habits and implement result focused strategies

Roots endeavors to make the students more competitive, offering the best internships as a great way to kick-start their careers

What is Chrysalis?

The students of all the streams are offered a summer internship for a period of 2 months. The students go through the real-time process of preparing their resume, attending the interviews, selection, training, hands-on experience and finally get certified for their work. Some students have also been absorbed by the same top notch companies, after completion of their Degree.

Why Chrysalis?

  • Future employment and References: The student doing any internship program will have an ongoing pipeline of future employers and references
  • Test-drive your knowledge and skillsDoing an internship gives the student a grounded experience of what college studies might look like in a work environment.
  • Find role models: Doing an internship can give the student an opportunity to meet different managers, with diverse leadership styles and can help in learning adaptability.
  • Strengthens the CV: The student leaves the college with a strong CV and also knows how to work in a team and assume responsibilities.
  • To build a network and Branding: An internship gives the opportunity to increase the network, expand professional branding, and having probably one or two personal ambassadors that would be glad to help the student in his career.
  • It can be the experience of a lifetime: Having an internship can definitely be something that transforms life and gives a totally new perspective to the student.

ROOTS Students have done internship in reputed corporates

  1. Rajavamshi Mattress Pvt Ltd
  2. Healthsinz
  3. Finger Bowl
  4. Tvisha
  5. Payism technologies
  6. Plan Your
  7. My Money
  9. Quantum leap
  10. Blue Berry Labs
  11. Tech IQ solutions
  12. Inflatable Ideas
  13. Sathguru Mgt Consultants
  14. TMI Networks
  15. Zintec Solutions
  17. The Hindu
  18. Business Line
  19. Bigbazar
  20. Sciensation.Tv
  21. Upto 75%.Com
  22. Cannon India Pvt Ltd
  23. Kun United
  24. Iridium Interactive
  25. Airtel
  26. Stryde Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
  27. C.D Equisearch Pvt Ltd