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Careers and Placements 

In today’s job market, finding the most promising employer can help you achieve career esteem that you deserve. You need an experienced placement team to make this dream of yours a reality. That is where our Corporate Relations Group(CRG) head and his team come into play.

Our placements team works closely with you and with well established business houses to find the best match for your top level executive placement.

As a superb service provider, our placement team has found extraordinary and motivated companies in various industries and disciplines all over India. These companies are looking for exceptionally talented management graduates to lead their companies.

Because ROOTS placement team promises excellence for the deserving, you will be impressed with the vista of job opportunities available to you.

Construct an energetic resume

A good resume is one which is a powerful, strong and concise document that can show the potential employer that you understand the needs of their business. It must show that you can bring added value to their business.

ROOTS resume writing professional team will help you in creating a resume that has the power punch and persuade the employer into reading the rest of your resume in a positive light.

Master the art of Interviewing

You are in the interview board for your dream job! Now, how to make the employer make an offer to you that is hard to refuse?

Our interview success coaches were on several job interview boards in their previous assignments. They will walk you through the most closely guarded interview techniques. You will be trained to master the art of interviewing.

Success is assured! Success is guaranteed! …For those with perseverance to master this art!

Career opportunities 

ROOTS placement team provides their students with the attention to detail and professionalism that the most management jobs deserve. Our executive career opportunities cover all sectors in commerce, industry, public sector and academia.


ROOTS prepares you to take up various well paying jobs in the marketing field including but not limited to Marketing executives, Market research analysts, pricing analysts, demand forecasting analysts, commercial officers, advertising specialists, Media professionals and brand building specialists.


ROOTS graduates can seek employment as financial/accounting executive, capital market analyst, internal auditor, project cost analyst, business analyst or risk management professional.

Human Resources

ROOTS placement team provides assistance to our students with specialization in HR as Personnel officer, Recruitment specialist, Compensation and benefits specialist, training officer.

Extra curricular Activities

A valuable part of your learning will take place outside the classroom through contact with faculty and other students at special events, activities, and field experiences. Special guest lectures on regular basis from practicing manager of various levels form wide range of industries, campus-corporate cricket matches, seminars and group discussions, management paper writing contexts, research publications in leading journals, collaborative management programs with Hyderabad Management Association, NHRD, Toastmasters, special workshop sessions with visiting artists, Inter and Intra college meets, sports meets, Festivals like – Fresher’s Party , annual Day, farewell party , parents meet, Alumni meet, Debates, Quiz, Mock personal interviews, active and extensive gallery programs and numerous educational field trips to various places in India are just a few of the opportunities waiting for you.

Placement Team

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